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MSCC Local chapters connect you where you live, in you are in the DFW region of Texas, check out our chapter and meet others within the community.

MSCC Local in Dallas Fort Worth

MSCC Local in the DFW region of Texas is located in a region of the state with a dense veteran population and serveral local military installations. Join this chapter to meet other military spouse business owners and to plug into the thriving local community. Follow our local Facebook group here.

Vashti Moore DFW Regional Chapter Lead for Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce

Vashti Moore

DFW Regional Chapter Lead: Vashti is an active-duty Marine Corps spouse based at NAS JRB Fort Worth. Born in Baltimore and raised in Hanover, PA, Vashti specializes in content creation and management for her clients, and is the Editor-In-Chief of her publication, Milspouse Cafe Magazine. Her background is extensive in the journalism and news producing industry, as she is a former news producer and writer. Before starting her own business she worked in the news industry at KUSI News and FOX 5 San Diego covering a wide range of controversial stories including the Poway Synagogue mass shooting, Kincade Wildfire in Sonoma County, Coronavirus Pandemic, including the death of Kobe Bryant and George Floyd.

Vashti left the news industry in the Fall of 2020 in the midst of the pandemic to host and produce her own podcast Extraordinary Women and she volunteered on Camp Pendleton as a LINKS for Spouses Mentor. Now residing in the DFW area, Vashti is a new mother, entrepreneur, and mentor. She has a passion for empowering military spouses and milspouse entrepreneurs, as well as black women and the black community. Contact Vashti if you wish to connect with her and discuss local chapter events and opportunities.

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Military spouses hold down the fort while the service member secures our freedom. When troops worry about paying the bills, it impacts battle readiness, retention of military talent, and our national security. Military spouses who maintain careers through entrepreneurship financially contribute to the household and directly impact the well being of our service members.

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Lost Income Compounds Over Time

Military spouses faced a staggering 24% unemployment rate prior to the global pandemic. When military spouses are employed, they earn on average $12,000 less per year than their civilian counterparts despite having higher levels of college education. Your gift will remove a financial barrier to military spouses who want to pursue entrepreneurship as a sustainable career path.

Many Milspouses Thrive in Entrepreneurship

When military spouses enter the world of entrepreneurship, it provides income, flexibility, and a career that moves with them all over the world. In a 2020 survey with over 2,000 respondents conducted by The Rosie Network, over 50% of military spouse business owners report earning six-figure+ incomes. 

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