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Data from Certified Military Spouse Owned Enterprises

Early Trend Report, April 2021

The data found in this Early Trend Report is derived from the first 25 Military Spouse Owned Enterprises who were certified by the U.S. Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce. Since the sample size is small we consider the data found in this report to be informational and only for the purpose of highlighting early trends.

We proudly invite you to share the information found in this report, but implore that you share responsibly, citing and hyperlinking to this document so the data contained in the Early Trend Report is not misinterpreted to represent all military spouse owned businesses rather than the sample size for which the report is intended.

Get Certified

If you’re a military spouse business owner, you can apply for your certification by clicking this link. We vet that you are a military spouse, majority owned by military spouses, and legally formed and operating in your locale.

Hire Certified Military Spouse Owned Enterprises

If you’re a corporation looking to hire a military spouse owned business for a project or B2B enterprise, email to learn how to advertise your open opportunties to our certified businesses.

Trusted Resources

Below is vetted data, sourced from trusted resources and hyperlinked here for your convenience.

MSETF Survey Results 2020

MSETF 2020 Survey

Summary of Military Spouse Entrepreneur Task Force survey results from October of 2020.

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The Rosie Network Survey

The Rosie Network’s 2019-2020 Military Spouse Entrepreneur Survey.

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Why Support Military Spouses?

Lost Income Compounds Over Time

Military spouses faced a staggering 24% unemployment rate prior to the global pandemic. When military spouses are employed, they earn on average $12,000 less per year than their civilian counterparts despite having higher levels of college education. Your gift will remove a financial barrier to military spouses who want to pursue entrepreneurship as a sustainable career path.

Many Milspouses Thrive in Entrepreneurship

When military spouses enter the world of entrepreneurship, it provides income, flexibility, and a career that moves with them all over the world. In a 2020 survey with over 2,000 respondents conducted by The Rosie Network, over 50% of military spouse business owners report earning six-figure+ incomes. 

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