Register your business as a  certified military spouse-owned enterprise through our secure portal.

Why Register?

The Military Spouse-Owned Enterprise Certification (MSEC) gives military spouse-owned businesses a seat at the table. We have worked very hard to build relationships with companies who want to hire, and support military spouse-owned business. An official certification allows corporations to track supplier diversity spend with military spouse-owned businesses.

The Benefits of your Certification

B2B Business Opportunities

Certified Military Spouse-Owned Enterprises will receive notifications of business opportunities with companies who are looking to hire military spouse-owned businesses for B2B services.

MSEC Badge

Recieve a Military Spouse-Owned Enterprise Certification badge for use on your website and branding materials to market your business to prospective clients.


Marketing Exposure

Each approved Military Spouse-Owned Enterprise will have the option to be featured on the Military Spouse Chamber’s blog and social media outlets. We want to create brand familiarity, and to recognize the hard work you’ve put into building your business.



Establish a positive reputation for your business. Being an offically registered entrprise will help you stand out among the competition, enhance credibility for your brand, and open windows of opportunity for you as an entrepreneur.

Who is a Military Spouse?

In the spirit of inclusivity, a military spouse is defined (outside the confines of federal entities) as a current or former partner of a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, including Veterans, Guard, Reserves, Active Duty Service Members, Spouse Caregivers, Dual Military, and Gold Star Spouses.


To become an official Military Spouse-Owned Enterprise (MSEC) we need to make sure you’re a legally registered business, and owned by a military spouse. We individually review each application to ensure you meet all requirements for your business before we grant approval.

To be eligible for the Military Spouse-Owned Enterprise Certification, a business must:

  • Must be a registered member of the U.S. Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce.
  • Be a legally registered business according to the local, state, federal, Host Nation (if OCONUS), and military installation where the business is located.
  • Be at least 51% owned and operated by a U.S. military spouse, or jointly owned by two or more military spouses.
  • If the business is owned by the military spouse and their veteran,  50/50% ownership is accepted, this includes current or former “dual military” couples.
  • The military spouse must manage daily operations and be a primary decision-maker for the organization.

The Process

Check out the image below for the 40,000 ft view of the process.

You will also want to view the detailed table including all the required documents for the application.

Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce MSEC Process

Certification Tiers

Nonprofit — Additional Documents

Nonprofit organizations are not “owned” by anyone, but we recognize that many military spouses have founded nonprofit organizations, and are proud to be recognized as a Military Spouse Founded Nonprofit. *Nonprofit organizations may apply for either the small business, or large enterprise certification — nonprofits require additional documentation. Please click here to see the list of nonprofit documents.

Apply — Secure Document Upload

Our top priority is your security. You can rest assured our document upload portal is safe and secure, using technology for file storage approved for use of sensitive document upload and storage in the banking and medical industries. Once we’ve reviewed and approved your certification, we delete your documentation from our records. If you have questions or concerns about your document upload, reach out.

*Review the chart and printable checklists below prior to uploading your documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I use to verify military affiliation?

We mimick the USAJOBS.gov process for your military affiliation documents.

We need a document such as a redacted set of orders, DD 214, or similar, PLUS a copy of your marriage certificate to verify that you are the spouse of a current or former service member. 

Do I need to a Notary to sign the Statement of Fact as a witness?

No. On the section of the Statement of Fact that asks for a witness, you need just that a witness — an adult. You do not need to utilize a Notary Public. 

Is my information safe and kept private?

Yes. We utlize a SOC 2 secure document upload portal rated for use in the medical and financial industires.

During your application, you’ll be asked voluntary self ID questions surrounding your personal and business demographic information. Your (voluntary) answers are utilized for research. Your individual name or business name will never be used. We compile the data collected into reports stating (an example) “Over 90% of certified Military Spouse-Owned Enterprises are owned and operated by females.”

May nonprofit organizations apply for this certification?

Yes. Since nonprofit organizations are not technically “owned” by anyone, your documentation should prove that the nonprofit was founded by, and is controlled by military spouse(s).

Nonprofits need to submit additional documentation found here: NONPROFIT CHECKLIST

Sneak Peek of the MSEC Badge

MSEC businesses recieve a color and greyscale badge designed for use online, and white version of the MSEC badge designed for storefront windows. Please do not utilize the proof images below. If you would like the MSEC badge, apply for the certification and you will receive the badge upon approval.