Funding Resources

Learn about the funding resources available to military spouse owned businesses.

Only THE Most Trusted Financial Resources

Not every financial institution has your best interests in mind, below are trusted financial resources for military spouse owned businesses.

Fund the First

Fund the First

Crowdfunding for Military Spouses

Through a partnership with, Fund the First is the nation’s leading verified crowdfunding platform for military personnel, first responders, medical professionals, and their families, created by first responders and military community members. We provide individuals a completely verified and fraud-free crowdfunding platform to garner support and financial assistance. Start a Fund the First Crowdfunding fundraiser today for financial hardship, a good cause, or even a busienss venture. 

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MSCC Financial Wellness Portal

Free Financial Wellness Portal for MSCC Members

It’s the peace of mind you feel when you’ve balanced saving and spending … living well today and planning for tomorrow. How do you achieve it? That’s why you’re about to visit the Financial Wellness Portal, provided free of cost to members of MSCC.

  • Financial Wellness Assessment
  • Calculators for: Paying Off Debt, Optimizing Social Security, Investing, Health Care Cost, College, Life Insurace, Disability, Caregiving Support
  • Budgeting tools, get a big picture view of your finances by linking non-Prudential accounts in one place
  • Free and Confidential Credit and Debt Management Consultation
  • Timely and relevent content

MSCC members can also access free Financial Wellness courses from the Prudental team, 15 particpants minimum registration.