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Hire Your Fellow Military Spouses

If your business is growing, you may be at the point of needing to hire help. You can post a project for a fellow military spouse entrepreneur on our Opportunity Board exclusive to members of the Military Spouse Chamber, or if you need to hire a traditional employee, we have resources to help you hire your own team.

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Empower Employ


Top Veteran and Military Spouse Talent. Empower Employ is dedicated to providing practical solutions for organizations to hire, onboard and retain high-quality Veteran and Military spouse talent. We commit to strengthening your organization’s existing operations to better relate and secure dedicated employees within the Veteran and Military Spouse talent pipelines from sourcing to retention.

We deliver on our commitment to decreasing Veteran and military spouse un and under-employment, while creating more diverse workplaces by understanding the needs of our Veterans, their spouses, and the companies with which we partner. Empower Employ bridges the gaps through our consulting services forged from the tried-and-true experiences of military professionals.

** Proud member of the Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce & a certified Military Spouse Owned Enterprise

Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce

U.S. Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce


Traditional employment is not the only way to hire people, through our Opportunity Board at MSCC, you can hire other businesses for B2B enterprise to complete contracts or projects for your company.

Our team is committed to empowering and advocating on behalf of our nation’s military spouse business owners and budding entrepreneurs from Capitol Hill to communities across the United States.

The Military Spouse Owned Enterprise certification gives military spouse owned businesses a seat at the table. We have worked very hard to build relationships with companies who want to hire, and support military spouse owned business.



To ensure that all active duty and veteran military spouse business owners have the tools and resources they need to strengthen their families, communities, and our economy.

Certified Military Spouse Owned Enterprises will receive notifications of business opportunities with companies who are looking to hire military spouse owned businesses for B2B services.

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Military Spouse Jobs


We are here to help members of the U.S. Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce give back to our community through helping you hire fellow military spouses. Our teams have successfully placed over 67,000 members of the military commuity, and we want to be a tool that can help you grow and scale your business through your talent sourcing efforts.

Military Spouse Jobs employs its no-cost direct connection job placement process and Train2Hire Programs, globally for ALL Military Spouses, active duty, retired, widowed, transgender, divorced and fiancé’s. We provide no-cost individualized career navigation support to Military Spouses and Military Youth of working age, from resume inception, career assessment, resume development, job prep, gap-skills training, job placement and career progression. We track every metric and case management note, with each candidate served, and we know every detail of our registered candidate’s employment journey 24/7.

Togther, we will change the narrative of military spouse employment to corporate America, provide pathways to financial independence and train Military Spouses to become lifelong learners and substantial income earners. Industry to industry, we will bring the VALUE of the military spouse workforce to the corporate fore-front as the most educated, most trustworthy and most obsessed-with-success workforce, on the globe.

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VirtForce’s purpose is to cultivate vetted virtual career paths for America’s Active Duty Military Spouse. We reduce the unemployment rate for Active Duty MilSpouses and Veterans by connecting employers seeking to diversify and distribute their talent network to qualified virtual candidates.

In the face of constant change, VirtForce anchors meaningful content and career paths that provide tangible and measurable economic growth for the military community.


** Proud member of the Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce & a certified Military Spouse Owned Enterprise