Here are our recommended resources for insuring your business.

Protect Your Business With the Best Insurance for Military Spouses

Military spouse business owners need to protect their businesses just like every other entrepreneur. These resources are tried and true, vetted corporations so you can rest assured that your business insurance needs are covered. 

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Personal & Business Insurance Resources

Protecting yourself, your family, and your business are key. We are creating partnerships that will help you confidently choose from a menu of insurance options that best suit your needs.

Military Spouse Chamber

As a Chamber of Commerce, we have the unique ability provide our members insurance benefits in the same manner as an employer would.

You as a small business can obtain insurance for yourself AND offer the benefits packages to your employees with the discounted rates of a 500+ person organization. — Open enrollment is estimated for August 2021.

The best part? — These benefits are PORTABLE. This means that if you or your employees have a career change, you can keep the benefits.

If you already have an insurance provider and are interested in converting your busienss over to our plan to save money, we can work with your current insurance broker. 


We will only recommend the best to you…

We are building relationships with insurance providers that we know will take care of you.  Coming soon, you will see our recommendations for insurance providers here.