MSCC Local chapters connect you where you live. If you are in the Riverside and LA region in California area, check out our chapter and meet others within the community.

MSCC Local at Riverside

MSCC Local in the Riverside, CA area is located in a region of the state that is largely populated. Military spouses formed a chapter to provide much needed networking and resources within this community. Join this chapter to meet other military spouse business owners and to plug into the thriving local community. Follow our local Facebook group here.

Candice Vandertholen MSCC Chapter Lead Riverside

Candice Van Dertholen

Riverside Chapter Lead:

Candice Van Dertholen is a highly skilled and passionate Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Life Coach. With over 15 years of experience in various managerial roles prior, she has honed her expertise in delivering exceptional results while promoting a company culture of growth and well-being. She combines her solid foundation in business management with her intuitive healing to operate her new business, The Warrior Within. Candice believes in empowering individuals to unlock their true potential and access their innate capacity for self-healing.

 Before immersing herself in the holistic healing space, Candice spent time operating small businesses within the health and wellness space, such as Anytime Fitness and YogaSix. Prior to this, she worked with Walgreens Pharmacy as a Manager and Pharmacy technician. Candice has used her ability to adapt, learn, and expand her knowledge and skills to work within her field of management within each transition of location. This has aided in the development of her diverse background of experience.

 Candice holds certifications for energy healing, including Reiki Master Training, Reiki I & II, Crystal Healing, and Sound Healing I. Candice has education credits towards an Early Childhood Development degree, with a focus on psychology. 

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