If the Fallen could speak to us now…

Honoring our Heroes and the Innocents

Today is the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attack slaughtering 2,996 innocent Americans. In the 20-year War on Terror following 9/11, approximately 896,000 – 929,000 more people died. Some of them were innocents, some were enemies, some were our service members.

Let’s take a moment to honor the lives of our fallen heroes and the innocent casualties of the war. 

Honoring the lives of the fallen

Our Calling, Be Better

 The Fallen gave their lives and would not regret their sacrifice. If they could speak to us today, they would call on us to be a better nation, neighbor, and friend.

The Fallen would be ashamed by the polarization, that the Nation they died for is fighting a social and political civil war. The Fallen died fighting alongside brothers and sisters of all colors and beliefs. They died for EVERY citizen of the United States, no matter their labels. The Fallen would tell you to unify, to be tolerant, and to celebrate our differences as a Nation because diversity is our strength.

The Fallen would tell you to hug your children, and go on that date you’ve been putting off with your spouse. The Fallen would tell you that life is precious and can end at any moment so pursue your dreams now.

The Fallen woud tell you that a life worth living and dying for is a life in service of others.

Serve others