A Partnership to Serve You

Solving Business Challenges is Easier than Ever

Our team at MSCC knows how hard you’ve worked to grow your business and to generate income for your family. Now, it’s time to let AAFMAA work hard to protect your wealth. The military community has trusted AAFMAA for 142 years to help support their financial security and independence — and we’re here for you now, too.

We formed a partnership with AAFMAA to serve you. AAFMAA is the longest-standing, non-profit financial solutions provider exclusively serving military families like yours through every stage of your military life and beyond. Together, we will coach you from your first steps toward financial wellness, through the transitions of each PCS move you make. We’ll stand side-by-side with your family, even after you’re gone, and we’ll celebrate when you achieve your financial goals.

Learn More About AAFMAA

AAFMAA provides a suite of services to help you manage your wealth, protect your legacy, and has content curated for military spouses.

Scaling Your Bank Account Alongside Your Business

We know that you never stop working to improve your personal and business financial wellness. Whether your goal is to build wealth, a comfortable retirement, college savings or protecting your legacy, the team at AWM&T can help you create a roadmap to success. Get started today with a free portfolio review consultation from a Relationship Manager dedicated to your best interests.

AAFMAA’s Group Term Life Insurance

AAFMAA can help you provide more financial support for your employees. AAFMAA’s affordable and customizable Group Term Life Insurance provides up to $300K in individual death benefit coverage and an unmatched level of support when it’s needed most. Plus, there’s no medical exam required. Connect with us today at partnerships@aafmaa.com to learn more about this option.

Build a Legacy for Your Family

You have worked hard to build a better life for your family while handling the challenges of military life. AAFMAA’s life insurance solutions are designed to protect your family’s future, ensure that you are leaving your legacy behind with the affordable and dependable coverage you deserve for your hard work. AAFMAA’s Military Spouse Life Insurance policy is always affordable and stays with you after you leave the military. 

SpouseLink, Content for Military Spouses

Military Spouses are an irreplaceable part of the military community. You are the glue holding your family together through deployments, PCS moves, raising children, and building your business. Because AAFMAA knows your needs differ from your servicemember’s needs, we created the SpouseLink community just for you. Join in the conversation today on the SpouseLink website and your favorite social channels, to learn about small business, careers, parenting, PCS, lifestyle, finances and the transitions faced by military spouses like you.