Welcome to the U.S. Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce!

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that all active duty and veteran military spouse business owners have the tools and resources they need to strengthen their families, communities, and our economy. We are the One Stop Shop for anything and everything a military spouse entrepreneur could ever need. 

Our History

The U.S. Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce was founded by military spouse entrepreneurs with over 30 years of collective experience in the nonprofit and for profit worlds. Our team is determined to provide the best in class resources to help our military spouses succeed in running their businesses. 

Our Team

The team behind the inception and creation of the Military Spouse Chamber is committed to empowering and advocating on behalf of our nation’s military spouse business owners and budding entrepreneurs from Capitol Hill to communities across the United States. If you’d like to learn more about our founding members and Board of Directors, you can click here to read more. 

Becoming a Member

Becoming a member of the Military Spouse Chamber is easy. If you are a military spouse considering entrepreneurship, business ownership, or freelancing as a career, join the Military Spouse Chamber today! You can click here to register as a member, it takes approximately one minute to sign up. If you are already a member, click here to log in to your account and access the exclusive free resources available only to our members.

The Benefits of Becoming a Member

The Military Spouse Chamber is here to help both budding and seasoned military spouse entrepreneurs confidently set up and scale their businesses. We are a tribe of milspouses, who want to spur on the success of our peers through mentorship, publications, community events, and best in class support.

Military Spouse Owned Enterprise Certification

Become an officially vetted Military Spouse-Owned Enterprise Certification (MSEC) through our proprietary certification process. Engage in B2B enterprise, recieve an MSEC badge, and get a seat at the table. Apply for your certification here.

Forever Free

We are a non-profit corporation, and the success of milspouse entrepreneurs is our mission. Traditional chambers charge hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for membership… we’re keeping things 100% free for spouses.


Exclusive for Milspouses

Let’s face it, vets and spouses have drastically different career needs. Spouses need career portability and flexibility. We were made by and for spouses and designed our services for your complex lifestyle on the go.


Best in Class Support

The business resources we provide are iron clad, sourced directly from vetted industry experts. We provide only tried and true methods to help you confidently establish, operate, and grow your business.


A successful entrepreneur works hard, learns harder, and fails forward. Members get exclusive access to mentors who can help you learn the tools and strategies you need to grow your business.



Stay up to speed on the latest resources and opportunities available to military spouse business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers through our community publications and guidebooks.

Community Events

We will connect you to your local network of military spouse entrepreneurs. Being surrounded by growth-minded people is one of the best parts of business ownership.

Why Choose Us?


Military service is the highest honor. You have supported your service member with love and integrity. We esteem integrity above all else. We’ve got the battle scars to prove that the right choice, isn’t always the easy choice. We’re here to smooth the road for you, starting with the truth about entrepreneurship.

Hands on Experience

Our leadership team has a combined tenure of more than 30 years both as military spouses, and as entrepreneurs. We’ve lived in your shoes, and we’re now advocating on your behalf to make your life as a business owner easier than ever.

Our Philosophy

1. Integrity First 

Entrepreneurship isn’t right for every military spouse. We are here to shepard you in the direction that is best for you, whether it’s founding a business, or not. 

2. Entrepreneurship is a Lifestyle

Entrepreneurship is just as complex as being a military spouse. We are here to build your confidence on the business side of things, so you can enjoy your military family in your spare time.

3. Committed to Excellence

We never stop thinking about you, and the life you live each day. Our entire mission is to be the one stop shop, so we can ease your journey to success. We are here for your economic prosperity, your health, and wellbeing.

Why We Do It

The Numbers

One in four military spouses are unemployed, with more than 50% being underemployed. More than half of military spouses report having turned to self employment at some point during their careers. We saw a major gap in B2B resources being provided to military spouse businesses and decided to create the Military Spouse Chamber to connect military spouse business owners to companies that want to hire them for B2B opportunities. 


Of Military Spouses Are Unemployed


More Than Half of Spouses Turn To Self Employment

Who Is A Military Spouse?

In the spirit of inclusivity, a military spouse is defined (outside the confines of federal entities) as a current or former partner of a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, including Veterans, Guard, Reserves, Active Duty Service Members and Gold Star Spouses.

Not A Military Spouse?

You Can Support Military Spouse Owned Business In The Following Ways:


1. Financial Support

Your financial gift goes directly to the benefit of military spouse entrepreneurs. A typical Chamber of Commerce charges hundreds, if not thousands, in membership fees which sustain the organization. We want to remove all financial barriers for our military spouses.

2. Hire a Military Spouse Owned Enterprise

Economically supporting a military spouse entrepreneur through B2B enterprise directly supports the service member. Hiring an MSEC directly increases quality of life for our military families. Reach out to our founder Jaime to post a project or opportunity to our Opportunity Board, and get directly connected to a military spouse owned business today. Email Jaime here.

3. Accept The MSEC Certification

We’ve created the ONLY “Military Spouse Owned Enterprise” MSEC Certification. Think “woman owned, veteran owned, or minority owned” enterprise… and now think “military spouse owned” enterprise. Your company can support military spouse entrepreneurs by accepting the MSEC Certification, and tracking supplier diversity spend with the military spouse enterprises you hire or projects and opportunities.